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~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~


Skin | Gemma in Milk by Insol (almercury)
Head | Lona by Catwa (Catwa Clip)     
Hair |
 Hyewon by Monso (Morphine Janick)      COLLABOR88 AUGUST’18

C L O T H I N G & A C C E S S O R I E S

Top | Stella.Top by Pixicat (Areve)
Shorts | Irene Pants by Belle Epoque (Janire Coba)      COLLABOR88 AUGUST’18
Choker | Hotosume-kozo Choker by Namii & Song (namiichuu & funeral plutonian)     OKINAWA FESTIVAL
Necklace | Stay Calm Necklace by Can’t Even (Celeste Forwzy)
Earrings | Jayme Earrings in Stone by Stories & Co. by (Flutter Memel)      COLLABOR88 AUGUST’18


~B A C K G R O U N D~

brocante. velvet sofa / moss A
by Brocante (Tegan Serin & Valientco)      COLLABOR88 AUGUST’18

Soy. Green Plants Wall Panel
by Soy (soyoy)      COLLABOR88 AUGUST’18

Schadenfreude Monstera deliciosa in Medusa Planter, mossy
By Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)      COLLABOR88 AUGUST’18






~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~


Skin | Mia in Milk by Insol (almercury)
Head | Lona by Catwa (Catwa Clip)     SKIN FAIR’17
Hair |
  Rema by Little Bones (Nova Faerye)     COLLABOR88

Underwear Soft Bra & Soft Briefs by Flowey (Flutter Memel)     COLLABOR88 
Sweater |  Calm.Cardigan by Pixicat (Areve)      COLLABOR88 
Necklace | String Things Neck & String Things Necklace by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)     COLLABOR88 
Rings |
Death rings and bracelets by Astralia (astralia)      THE CROSSROADS
Socks | 
Tillie Warmers by (Darling Monday)      COLLABOR88

~B A C K G R O U N D~

Scarlet Creative Emily
by Scarlet Creative (Charlotte Bartlett)      COLLABOR88 

floorplan. lovely print shelf
by Floorplan (Tegan Serin)      COLLABOR88 

Kalopsia – Faith’s Books Pile
by Kalopsia (isabeau baragula)     COLLABOR88 

Ariskea & Unkindness [Solace] Romarin Plant
by Ariskea (diaxm)     COLLABOR88 

MishMish – Sunday Morning Cabinet – White
by MishMish (Aime Takaaki)      COLLABOR88 

Soy. Shag Shag Stool [Beige]
by Soy (soyoy)      COLLABOR88 




Hey guys! Just wanted to pop in again for The Arcade set-up madness! I did another Collabor88 post and invited my good friend, Kenzo to be in the picture. I used his wonderful creations from Collab for this blog post. He owns the store Oyasumi and is a pretty impressive designer so you guys should really stop by his store or even this round of Collabor88, to see his beautiful creations. Speaking of beautiful creations, I’m so impressed with Schadenfreude’s Daydream lamps! there are three different ones: one that has a butterfly, a blossoming tree and a flower. When you click on them, the butterfly will fly around the bulb, the flowers on the tree bloom and the flower blooms. They are so neat and unique! I’m always impressed by Schadenfreude!

Anywho, I hope you’re all having a great week and if you haven’t been to Collabor88 yet, you should really go!


~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~


 B O D Y

Skin | Katra skin in Polar 12 F by Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)        
Hair | 
Willa by [e] (Elikapeka Tiramisu)     C88


Shirt | London.Top by Pixicat (Areve)     
Shorts |
 Retro Bikini Short in Maitreya Addams (AmaliaRainwood)     C88
Headpiece | Vigee headband by LaGyo (Gyorgyna Larnia)     C88
Bracelet | Shokuzai in YGOLD A by Sorgo (Arscene Dubrovna)     C88
Shoes |
 [Ladies] Studded Long boots-S in Black by J’s (JB Gazov)




Shirt | Dexter Henley in Black by Etham (stephenweiss)
Pants |
 waist shirts jeans by 2byte (Nomak Nyoki)
Glasses |  RJ Readers by Adjunct Eyewear (myvegancookbook Bolissima)
Cigarette | 
FilterCigarette by Hermony (Hermanni Laville) not available

~B A C K G R O U N D~

oyasumi / triangular wooden cabin
oyasumi / messy bed / PG
oyasumi / bedside table
by Oyasumi (Kenzo Gateaux)     C88

tarte. dream pallet
by Tarte. (alixxbella)     C88

Schadenfreude Butterfly Daydream Lamp (tall) (glow only)
by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)     C88

{what next} Lisbeth Twinkly Jar Lantern 1
by What Next (Winter Thorn)     C88


Pretty in Punk


Hey guys! I’m probably going to make this short because I’m not feeling well. I came down with a cold, it seems and it’s not great. Anyway, a new round of Collabor88 started and I was really excited because the theme was “Pretty in Punk” and with punk brings skulls. If you know me, you know that I absolutely love skulls and there was a lovely amount of them this round.

One of my favorite things this round was this jacket by The Secret Store. It’s punk what with all the spikes and buttons but it’s structured very lady like and I adore that. Another favorite was the dresser and wall shelf from Commoner. You can change the color of the dresser with just a click. It’s so great! I love the English flag too so that was a plus.

If you guys haven’t been to Collabor88 yet, you should do so! Lots of great stuff!

 ~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~

Skin | 
Katra skin in Polar 12 F by Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)    
Hair | 
One Way or Another by Exile (Kavar Cleanslate)     COLLABOR88



Dress | t-belt shirt dress in Purple by Ison (Harry Hyx)      COLLABOR88
Jacket | 
Nana Cropped Bomber in Coal by The Secret Store (Maylee Oh)     COLLABOR88
Eyepatch | Knight of Flowers Eyepatch by Aisling (Druunah Esharham)      THE SEASONS STORY
Necklace| Pearl Mori Row Necklace by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)     COLLABOR88
Bracelet | 
Pearl Mori Bracelet by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)     COLLABOR88


~B A C K G R O U N D~

[Commoner] Pretty in Punk / Dresser
[Commoner] Pretty in Punk / Wall Shelf
by Commoner (Emery Milneaux)     COLLABOR88

{Imeka} Mason Jar with flowers Color 2
by Imeka (NatiWilliams)      THE SEASONS STORY

8f8 – serene sanctuary – Moon Lamp
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Grass Frame Rectangular
by 8f8 (ibi resident)      XIASUMI

floorplan. neon skull / purple [on]
by Floorplan. (Tegan Serin)      COLLABOR88

[Con.] Skull Plant Pot
by Consignment (ValiantCo Resident)      COLLABOR88

* SORGO –  Sketchbook (B)
by Sorgo (arscene dubrovna)     XIASUMI

[Cosmic Dust] – Vintage SLR Camera RARE
by Cosmic Dust (bodytothestars)     XIASUMI





Hey Guys! I hope that everyone is having a great holiday weekend! I’ve been been quite busy the last week or so. As you all know, Xiasumi School Festival opened on the 3rd and before that, I was helping the owners. I’m really going to miss hanging out at the sim and goofing around it was so much fun. Though, I do look forward to all the great activities they’ve got planned. Anyway, I’ve decided to blog some of the great things you can find at Xiasumi.

I fell in love with the Melon Bunny kimonos last round and this round she came out with new colors! I was so excited to see that she added black. I had to have it to blog. I’m also loving this hair from Olive. Olive is sponsoring the Art floor and the hair has two paint brushes in it that you can turn off and on. Obviously for this look i had to turn them off but they are really really cute. A must have for you artists out there. In the background of my picture I have some of the lovely set from Xin.’s gacha. He did such a great job on these builds and I love the texturing on them. You need to go and check them out at the Xiasumi shrine area.

I hope you guys have a great Easter! Take care!

 ~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~

Skin | 
Katra skin in Polar 03 F by Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)    
Hair | 
the Donut Hair by Olive (Naminaeko Resident)     XIASUMI
Mouth Tattoo | 
Kuchisake Onna by Antielle (Kaorinette Resident)     XIASUMI
Eye Makeup | 
Evil Eye Makeup by Corvus (Lori Stanton)


Kimono | Furisode Kimono in Black Silk by Melon Bunny (MelonBunny Resident)     XIASUMI
Obi | 
Obi Base & Bow in White Orient by Melon Bunny (MelonBunny Resident)    XIASUMI
Hairpins | Hana Kanzashi Hair Pick by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)     XIASUMI
Charms | Ofuda Charms in Akuryou Taisan I&II by Antielle (Kaorinette Resident)     XIASUMI


~B A C K G R O U N D~

xin. ema
xin. toro lantern
xin. haiden + rare
by Xin. (superjaix resident)    XIASUMI



Witchy Women



Hey Guys! This is going to be a quick post! I’m getting horribly busy lately ;0; I wanted to do another Collabor88 post and I decided to do one with Xantheanne! I’m so happy that I’ve gotten to know her and that she won me at the Havenhollow Auction. She’s really great to be silly with and of course has impeccable taste when it comes to fashion. She also runs here own blog that you can find here. I’m so glad that we were able to come together and show you guys some more of what Collabor88 has to offer this round!

~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~


Skin | 
Daenerys Skin in Porcelain by  Birdy (nina Helix)
Hair | Oracle by Little Bones (nova faerye)    COLLABOR88
Lips | Jetset in Mink by The Skin Shop (TheShops Resident)


Dress | Vietnam Fringed Dress in Smoke by Emery (sunami beck)      COLLABOR88
Sweater | Brickell Cardi in Latte by Emery (sunami beck)     COLLABOR88
Necklace | Jupiter Digital Alchemy Necklace in Med3 by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)      COLLABOR88
Rings | Dark Elemental Ring, Midi Ring, & Pinky Ring by Yummy (Polyester Partridge)     COLLABOR88
Shoes | Maggie.Boots in Buck & Maggie.Boots (Socktops) by (Darling Monday)      COLLABOR88


Skin | Lauren by Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)
Hair | Spell circle by Little Bones (nova faerye)     COLLABOR88


Dress| Flutter dress by Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth)     COLLABOR88
Shirt | Metallic gold lace crop top by Nylon Outfitters (Nylon Pinkney)     COLLABOR88
Horns | Hesperia horns by Half-Deer (Halogen Magic)     COLLABOR88
Earrings | 
Modern Alchemist collection by LaGyo (Gyogyna Larnia)     COLLABOR88
Clutch |
 Modern Alchemist collection by LaGyo (Gyogyna Larnia)     COLLABOR88
Shoes | Fowler laced-up boots by Beetlebones (suetabulous yootz)
Fox | 
Little fox by MishMish (Aime Takaaki)     COLLABOR88



floorplan.&Willow. lazy lounger / plum PG
floorplan.&Willow. apothecary books
by floorplan (Tegan Serin)    COLLABOR88

LaGyo_The heart bag (REZZABLE)
LaGyo_Crystal sphere (rezzable)
by LaGyo (Gyogyna Larnia)     COLLABOR88

[ keke ] chandelier – star
[ keke ] explorers trunk
by [keke] (Kean Kelly)     COLLABOR88

*MishMish* Little Fox – Red 1
by MishMish (Aime Takaaki)     COLLABOR88

junk. arch lamp. tall.
by junk. (tab tatham)     COLLABOR88

Toro. Wallhanging + Lights {Mandala}
by Toro. (Jammeh resident)     KUSTOM 9

flowey’s original poster / vintage edition – Bonne Annee
flowey / Apothecary Cabinet
by flowey (Flutter Memel)     COLLABOR88

{vespertine}-read my destiny hand.
{vespertine}-through the looking circle./gold
by {vespertine} (Amelie Knelstrom)     COLLABOR88

Intrigue Co. – Woodland Lights
by Intrigue Co. (Katharine McGinnis)     COLLABOR88

Scarlet Creative Lavender Brown House Prefab
by Scarlet Creative (Charlotte Bartlett)     COLLABOR88





Hey Guys! This is going to be a quick post, I wanted to get one last Collabor88 look in before this round closes on the 7th! Everything this round is so bright and neon and i really just love it. I decided to go with the color orange because I don’t really wear this color a lot and I thought it would be good to mix things up a little and well, since it is October now.

When I first saw this dress by Katat0nik, I knew I had to include it in a blog. Very Madonnaesque, I love it! I’m also loving this hair by Lamb! I love messy buns and there aren’t very many that I like on my avatar but this one is perfect! Totally going to become a staple in my wardrobe. And of course, I’ve got to mention the lovely jewelry from Yummy, always one of my favorites at Collabor88! I love these pair of earrings and the necklace, such a vibrant set!

Hurry down to Collabor88 guys! Again, this awesome round ends on the 7th so make sure to get these items while they are still at a discounted price!

~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~

Skin | 
Daenerys Skin in Porcelain by  Birdy (nina Helix)
Hair | Margaux by Lamb (Lamb Bellic)    Collabor88
Eye Make-Up| Twiggy in  only eyes by La Malvada Mujer (Faina Cortes)


Dress| Playgirl Dress in Heat/Toy by Katat0nik (Katat0nik Pidgeon)    Collabor88
Gloves |  Miami Fishnet Fless Gloves in Long Orange by Schadenfruede (Allegory Malaprop)  Collabor88
Shoes | Gloria Heels in Heat by (Darling Monday)    Collabor88
Necklace | 
Beaded Statement Necklace in Orange/Green by Yummy (polyester partridge)   Collabor88
Earrings | 
Beaded Statement Earrings in Orange/Green by Yummy (polyester partridge)   Collabor88
Bag | 
Morgan clutch in Gold by LaGyo (gyorgyna larnia)   Collabor88



Persephone’s Bane



Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great Friday! So, if you remember me saying I had exciting news awhile back, well I guess I can finally tell you what’s up. The Arcade Owners have made me Blog Manager for the event! I’m super nervous, excited, grateful, just so many feels. I’m really honored that they have the confidence in me to do this job. Anywho, enough of my ramblings.

I’m showing you guys more of what you can get at this round of Collabor88! One of my favorite things this round is this stunning dress from Schadenfruede. When this dress donned my pixel body, I fell in love instantly. I wore it for days. It’s beautifully crafted and the materials on it make it that much more beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors. Everyone needs at least one. Sitting atop my head is a golden skull made by PILOT. Now, it’s actually a home decoration but, if you know me, I like to make everything and anything into some sort of head decoration. I thought it went well with the outfit and theme I was shooting for, which was Persephone Queen of the underworld. The skull also comes in silver.

Speaking of PILOT, Kaz Nayar has let me collaborate with him this round! I digitally painted the picture of the pomegranate in Kaz’s beautifully meshed frame. I’m really thankful he gave me the opportunity to work with him again.

I hope you guys are getting into Collabor88 to get all these wonderful goodies! I have heard that it’s been a bit full but the event runs all month long so just be patient. It will all be worth it! Happy Shopping!


~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~

Skin | 
Daenerys Skin in Porcelain by  Birdy (nina Helix)
Hair | Legend Hair in Summer by Tableau Vivant (M4ri1yn Magic)
Lips |  Jetset in Mink by The Skin Shop (TheShops Resident)


Dress | Siren Dress in Athena by Schadenfruede (Allegory Malaprop)
Skull | Golden Skull by PILOT (Kaz Nayar)
Head Chain | Oracle Head Chain by Yummy (Polyester Partridge)


~B A C K G R O U N D~

tarte. temple pergola
by Tarte. (alixxbella resident)

MudHoney Zoe Chair – Black
MudHoney Zoe Table – Gold
MudHoney Marble Orb
MudHoney Marble Box – black
MudHoney Zoe Lounge – Black PG
MudHoney Zoe Curtains
by Mudhoney (rayvn hynes)

Intrigue Co. – Hades Framed Art: Gold
by Intrigue Co. (Katharine Mcginnis)

<:*BoOgErS*:> Beeble Hades Decor
by Boogers (Zen Zarco)

PILOT and JIM – Persephone’s Bane [Black]
by PILOT & JIM (Kaz Nayar & Celeste Forwzy)

8f8 – Blossom Throne – 3 Gods (Resizer)
by 8f8 (8f8 resident)

[ARIA] Lydia coffee table
[ARIA] Lydia decorative knot figurine
[ARIA] Lydia decorative book pile
by ARIA (yelo uriza)


Desert Daze



Hey Lovelies! I hope you all had a great Monday, you know, considering it’s the beginning of the work week 😛 So, tomorrow is the 8th and you know what that means, Collabor88 time! This rounds theme is Safari Chic and believe me, everything that I’ve seen so far lives up to the themes name.

First, I wanted to show you guys this very beautiful romper from Mutresse. I always love Mutresse’s items because they come with a HUD that makes everything on the outfit completely customizable. Also, this bag from Schadenfruede is super adorable! It comes in Pather, Golden Leopard, and Orange Tiger and they have a fitted mesh version (which I find to be just perfect) and an unrigged version. All of them also come in a female and male version. I’m just really loving everything ths round.

As I said before, Collabor88 opens on the 8th and I really hope those you’ve been saving those lindens! It’s a good one!


~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~

Skin | 
Daenerys Skin in Porcelain by  Birdy (nina Helix)
Hair | Adventure Girl in Salty by Clawtooth (Bubbles Clawtooth)    Collabor88
Lips |  Jetset in Mink by The Skin Shop (TheShops Resident)

Romper | Ebele Romper by Mutresse (Ugly Frog)    Collabor88
Shoes | Giulia Sandals in V.1 by Pure Poison (Shaleene Kenin)    Collabor88
Bag | Black Panther WildThing Satchel by Schadenfruede (Allegory Malaprop)    Collabor88
Ring | Crowley Finger Claw in Black by Random Matter (nikohl hax)    We<3RP


Beachy Keen



Hey Guys! Hope you are all doing well on this fine Monday. I’m ridiculously tired! We got a new puppy in real life and he is proving to be a little handful. His name is Reggie and he’s a chihuahua. He’s a cutie and I already love him to bits!

I decided to cover more of Collabor88 for you all, even busted out some of the great furniture pieces. First, I wanted to say how much I love this hair from Truth. I enjoy the detail of the ribbon running through the braid. It’s great and I haven’t seen anything in SL like it yet! It goes wonderfully with the beachy theme of Collab. I also love the shorts from The Secret Store. There is more to this set but I wanted to mix it up with this great top from Tee*fy. Both come in different colors, The Seceret Store shorts come with a HUD and you can change the side of the shorts to have a pattern or to be solid along with color change. The Tee*fy top comes in different patterns, as well.

The beautifully nautical love seat and foot stool in the background are from Floorplan and they come in a variety of colors, great for a small summer beach cottage! Schadenfruede always brings it each round and I’m in love with the boat shelf they made. I adore the tentacale accents at the bottom as well as the vibrant reddish/coral color. And of course, the cutesy little narwhal on the loveseat is by MishMish. I love seeing what MishMish creates every round and what kind of cute she’s going to surprise us all with. You can buy them by color and by either attachment or rezzable.

It you are looking for some cheap things to ad to your summer wardrobe and home decor, you need to stop by Collabor88!


~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~

Skin | 
Daenerys Skin in Porcelain by  Birdy (nina Helix)
Hair | Oceana by Truth (Truth Hawks)    Collabor88
Lips |  Jetset in Mink by The Skin Shop (TheShops Resident)
Feet | Slink Female Feet in High by Slink (Siddean Munro)

Top | Gianna Off Shoulder Top in Stripes/Pink by Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth)    Collabor88
Shorts| Sailor Hotpants in Cherry/Strips by The Secret Store (Maylee Oh)     Collabor88
Shoes| Lola Heels in Blush Stripe by Ingenue (Betty Doyle)    Collabor88
Ferris Wheel Necklace in Gold  by Intrigue Co. (Katharine McGinnis)    Collabor88
Earrings| Ferris Wheel Earrings in Gold  by Intrigue Co. (Katharine McGinnis)      Collabor88

~B A C K G R O U N D~

floorplan. sailor’s loveseat / stripes PG
floorplan. sailor’s ottoman / stripes PG
by floorplan. (Tegan Serin)    Collabor88

[ARIA] Nikka rug
[ARIA] Nikka deco old books
[ARIA] Nikka small succulent plant type 1
[ARIA] Nikka vintage Macaroons plate
by ARIA (yelo uriza)    Collabor88

*MishMish* Narwhal – static/rez – Blue
by MishMish (Aime Takaaki)    Collabor88

Lark – Beachcomber Shelf (6B)
by Lark (Sienia Trevellion)    Collabor88

tarte. repurposed shipwheel (steel)
by tarte. (alixxbella resident)    Collabor88

Schadenfreude Red/Red [Kraken] To the Lighthouse Shelves (lg)
by Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop)    Collabor88