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Fountain of Youth


~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~


Skin | Liza in Milk by Insol (almercury)
Head | Lona by Catwa (Catwa Clip)     
Hair |
 H0210 by Tram (Moca Loup)     UBER FEB’18

C L O T H I N G & A C C E S S O R I E S

Shirt | Gentle.Top by Pixicat (Areve)     COLLABOR88 MARCH ’18
Underwear | Iconic Doll Panties in White by Blueberry (blueberryxx)
Bracelet | 
The Jacqueline Hand Bracelets by Amala (crystalny)
Necklace |
Soiree. Necklace set1 & set2 by Pixicat (Areve)
Thorn roses headpiece by Astralia (Astralia)


~B A C K G R O U N D~

MINIMAL – Mood Bath
by Minimal (Ors Quan)     UBER MARCH ’18

+Half-Deer+ English Ivy – Dense Large
by Half-Deer (Halogen Magic)     COLLABOR88 ’18

+Half-Deer+ Fairylight Rose Vines – Pale – Round
by Half-Deer (Halogen Magic)

SAYO – Opulence Chandelier – Pweter
by Sayo (Kaysha Piers)

{anc} bubble (up) {blue} 1Li
by anc Ltd (aki69)     UBER MARCH ’18





~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~

 B O D Y

Skin |  Mia 01 in Nude by YS & YS (Monicuzza Babenco)
Hair | 
Sita I in Blondes by Little Bones (Nova Faerye)     COLLABOR88


Romper  long sleeve romper in tan by ISON (Harry Hyx)     COLLABOR88
Necklace |
Pearl Berries in Pink by Yummy (Polyester Partridge)     COLLABOR88
Shoes |  
Esme Boots in Pale Rose by Candy Doll (Rebeca Dembo)    COLLABOR88

~B A C K G R O U N D~ 

Soy. Velvet Lounge Chair w/ tex change
Soy. Potted Pothos [Ssize]
Soy. Potted Cactus Opuntia [Lsize]
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize]
by Soy (soyoy)     COLLABOR88

{anc} Hatsuyume / pink peacock PET 6Li RARE
by anc ltd (aki69)

{vespertine} lorraine greenhouse / old paint
by Vespertine (amelie knelstrom)     COLLABOR88

PILOT – Candle Chandelier Decor [Pink]
by PILOT (Kaz Nayar)     COLLABOR88




Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great Monday. I’ve been keeping busy in SL with Arcade just around the corner. Hope you all are excited for another round! Anyway, I came here to talk about Collabor88’s birthday round. The theme for this special occasion is Daydream and all the old guests from this past year were invited back! The event is HUGE! I was pretty surprised at the amount of guests.

One of my favorite things came from a Collabor88 regular, Ison. The dress they made for this round was absolutely beautiful. The details are stunning. This is really a must have. I was also loving this hair from Little Bones. They have to be my favorite hair store on the grid right now so I was incredibly excited that they would be in the birthday round and was even more excited when they made some stunning hairs. Never a disappointment!

Collabor88’s birthday closes on September 7th so if you have yet to get in, don’t worry, you still have awhile to shop!

~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~

 B O D Y

Skin | Katra skin in Polar 12 F by Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)        
Hair | 
Candyfloss by Little Bones (Nova Faerye)     C88


Dress | orchid gown in Navy by Ison (Harry Hyx)     C88
Necklace |
 The Moon & Stars Necklace in Silver by Amala (crystalny)     C88
Headpiece | Leila in Green by LODE (Chirzaka Vlodovic)     C88

~B A C K G R O U N D~

junk. artificial gloom ceiling light.
by Junk. (tab tatham)     C88

[LJ] Rainy Day Ceiling Hangs – Cloud B
by Lost Junction (tala laval)    C88

PILOT – Flyaway Bench [Black]
by PILOT (Kaz Nayar)     C88

{anc} nebra beads [Heavenlyblue] pole 2Li
by anc Ltd (aki69)     C88




Hey Guys! So today’s post is kind of small but I’ve been wanting to do a blog post with my friend, Emery Milneaux, for awhile now. I’m so happy that he helped me with this one. I had some trouble setting up the picture but I’m really happy with the way it came out in the end.

We decided to go with a strappy kind of look. My dress is from Ison for Collabor88 and he matched me with a strappy suit from Gabriel. I’m so glad Emery knew that suit existed because it goes so well with what I’m wearing. Speaking of what I’m wearing, I’m totally in love with this dress. I’ve already worn it numerous times, in different colors around Second Life. So beautiful.

I hope you guys enjoyed this small post!

~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~


Skin | 
Katra skin in Polar 03 F by Glam Affair (Aida Ewing)     SKIN FAIR
Hair | 
Lavender in Tucked by Little Bones (Nova Faerye) *heavily edited*     THE SECRET AFFAIR


Dress | wednesday dress in White by Ison (Harry Hyx)     COLLABOR88


Skin | 
Knight in 02 by Kooqla (Rocketta Haven)
Hair | 
Revolver in Chardonnay by Exile (Kavar Cleanslate)


Suit | Body Belt Suit by Gabriel (Takuya Jinn)


~B A C K G R O U N D~

Apt B // Truman Taft Chair -PG-
by Apt B (FadeArcade)     COLLABOR88

[ keke ] berries – white
[ keke ] twinkle pendel dark – mini     KUSTOM 9
by keke (Kean Kelly)

{anc} cirque de reverie .19/ blanc / ball 1Li
by anc Ltd (aki69)





Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great Friday! I wish i could say that I am, I think I’m getting sick! UGH! It could just be my allergies too though. Anywho, I wanted to bring you guys one last Arcade post since it ends on the 1st of October! I can’t believe it’s almost over already! It feels like just yesterday that it opened! Where does the time go!?

So, one of the things I really wanted to try to get into a blog post was this “Phoropter” by Sorgo. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I enjoy all things quirky and unique and knew that I had to have this no matter how many times I had to play the machine. Also, one of my other must haves was the skybox by Apple Fall. Oh my gosh, the details in this house are just amazing, as are the details with anything Apple Falls does to be quite honest. I would also like to say, I absolutely loved Ison’s collection for this round. It was so me and I really had to have every single piece of this. It’s so perfect for the Halloween season! So excited to use all of it!

If you haven’t gone to The Arcade yet, you should go asap because, as I stated above, it closes on the 1st! You don’t want to miss all the great gachas!

~C  R  E  D  I  T  S~

Skin | 
Daenerys Skin in Porcelain by  Birdy (nina Helix)
Hair | Dancing on my own by Exile (Kavar Cleanslate)    THE ARCADE
Lips |  Jetset in Ebony by The Skin Shop (TheShops Resident)


Shirt| Cutout Tie Top in Black by Pixicat (Areve Resident)
Pants | Anja Basic Unitard in Black by House of Fox (Fashionboi Landar) no longer available, I believe
Socks | Toeless Socks in Black by [LPD] (angelica2502 resident)
Shoes | valena – gladiator sandals in Black by Erratic (Erratic Rain)
Headgear | Phoropter in Black RARE by Sorgo (arscene dubrovna)    THE ARCADE
Ring | 
Queen Ring by Yummy (Polyester Partridge)    THE ARCADE

~ B A C K G R O U N D ~
AF Old Mayfair Skybox RARE
by Apple Fall (warehousefifteendesigns)    THE ARCADE

ISON – iron cast bowl
ISON – books and skulls
ISON – hand of death
by ISON (Harry Hyx)    THE ARCADE

junk. half man(nequin).
junk. city lights.
by Junk. (Tab Tatham)    THE ARCADE

oyasumi / cinder block table
by oyasumi (Kenzo Gateaux)
7 – Unauthorized Personnel
by 7 Emporium (Agustkov Resident)    THE ARCADE
{anc} comet. / orion1LI
{anc} comet. / screen / gold 3LI
by {anc} ltd (aki69 resident)    THE ARCADE




Poppy Seeds



Hey Lovelies! I’m so super excited for this post! As you guys know, it’s nearly time for Arcade! The past few days have been hectic, trying to get all the designers set up and the shopping guide up and running but now I have time to bring you guys an Arcade post! So, let me just start out by saying that this round of Arcade is super cute and springy! I thought that since we’re heading into spring, that a spring post was a must!


For this photo I’ve used the beautiful build by Scarlet Creative for The Arcade. I really adore this house and the detail that was put into it. It’s a rare so it might take a few hits on the machine to get (well unless of course you are lucky!). In one corner, I decorated with things from Aisling, who is new to The Arcade. I was super excited to learn that they would be in this round. They made a cute little office set called Bric-a-Brac, can never have too many office themed things! Also in this picture are the items by PILOT. I thought that Kaz Nayar’s “Flea Cirus” was unique and absolutely adorable.  As you can see, there are various cirus themed things to win and even a magnifying glass and containers so you can admire your fleas. The suitcase even plays music!

arcadepost1_3 copy

Also new this round is a store called Junk. Their Items were anything but! They made a cute little bedroom set called “The Morrison Bedroom Set” and I’ve used the chair from it. I loved the old leather look and thought it went perfectly with this house. On the chair are two bears from Boogers! I love that Boogers decided to make more bears! There are so many cute ones to win, bears dressed like other animals and even some pop culture bears! I love Boogers sense of imagination! Also on the chair are more cute plushies from Intrigue Co.! This round she decided to make cats! I really love seeing what Intrigue Co. is going to do next for Arcade, it’s always so whimsical and adorable!


One store I’m always super excited to see things from is Tres Blah. This round they had two machines and I’ve put a few things out from their set called “Spring Living.” It was perfect for my theme! Anywho! The Arcade starts on March 1st and lasts the whole month, as if I really had to tell you all that 😛 So get your preloader huds and your teleport buttons ready!


Delilah Skin in porcelaine by Birdy (nina Helix)
Hair| Shine in Ice Blondes by Exile (Kavar Cleanslate)  The Arcade
Lips|  Jetset in Sand by The Skin Shop (TheShops Resident)
Cheek Contour 1| Make Your Own Razor Blush-Tintable-2 by Pink Acid (Stasey Oller)
Cheek Contour 2| Celeste Cheekbones by “JIM” (Celeste Forwzy)  not for sale
Feet| Slink Female Feet in Flat by Slink (Siddean Munro)

Sweater| Solid Sweatshirt in Forest by ISON (Harry Hyx)
Shoes| Pandora Flats in Gold RARE by Ingenue (Betty Doyle)   The Arcade
Bowler Hat in Camden Markets London by Enfant Terrible (leenfantterrible)  The Arcade
Flowers| Wild Flowers in Bouquet/Mixed Flowers by The Secret Store (Maylee Oh)  The Arcade
Bag| Gacha Bag Kitten in Happyh bye [Glow] (Anemysk Karu)  The Arcade

Second Picture

Mountain Lodge Mesh House 1
Scarlet Creative (Charlotte Bartlett)  The Arcade

Bdream.sakurarium:utsutsu 6Li RARE
{anc} Ltd. (aki69) The Arcade

.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Phone- RARE
.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -TypeWriter- RARE
.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Desk-
.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Globe-
.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Chair-
.aisling. (Druunah Esharham)  The Arcade

PILOT – Flea Circus Accessories x
PILOT – Flea Circus Case RARE x PILOT – Flea Circus Marquee RARE x
PILOT – Flea Circus Target
PILOT – Flea Circus Cannon
PILOT – Flea Circus Cannon Balls
PILOT – Flea Circus Caravan x
PILOT – Flea Circus Hoops x
PILOT – Flea Circus Ball PILOT – Flea Circus Ring
PILOT – Flea Circus Thimble Dive x
PILOT – Flea Circus Tight Rope x
PILOT (Kaz Nayar)   The Arcade

Third Picture
Zaara [home] : Ikat dhurrie rug *multi*
Zaara (Zaara Kohime)  The Arcade

{what next} Garden Broom Decor (rez)
{what next} (Winter Thorn)  The Arcade

-tb- Spring Living – Romance
-tb- Spring Living – Pillow (Ticking)
Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg)  The Arcade

Pizza’s Farmer’s Market Beret- Flers RARE
Pizza (Octagons Yazimoto)  The Arcade

erratic / home – drink / martini
Erratic (Erratic Rain)

junk. morrison leather chair.
junk. (Tab Tatham)

<:*BoOgErS*:> Geronimo Bear RARE
<:*BoOgErS*:> Jim Mouse Bear
Boogers (Zen Zarco)

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Effy the Russian Blue
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Zuzu the Maine Coon – RARE
Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Shadow the Bombay
Intrigue Co. (Katharine McGinnis)

[ContraptioN] Phonograph: Westward Gallop
[ContraptioN] (Faust Steamer)

O.M.E.N – Dear John – Diaries & Love Letters
O.M.E.N (damascusvera)

(NO) CopyCat Art – Country Cats
Nylon Outfitters (Polyester Partridge)

Lark – Bike (F) RARE
Lark (Sienia Trevellion)

Fourth Picture
Lark – Sunflowers
Lark (Sienia Trevellion)

[PM]Pixel Mode – THG – Watering Can
Pixel Mode (Tya Fallingbridge)

-tb- Spring Living – Clothesline
-tb- Spring Living – Chair (Red)
Tres Blah  (Julliette Westerburg)

. a i s l i n g . Old Fountain w/stoneground (Fantom)
.aisling. (Druunah Esharham)